The Air I Would Kill to Breath 2/?

Pairing: Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles and Zayn Malik/Liam Payne
Rating: R
Warning: Mentions of murder/Bad Language
Summary: What happens when the people who are supposed to love and care for you abuse and mistreat you? What happens when you finally leave all that pain only to be taken to an orphanage which only leads to more mistreatment and suffering than before? What happens when midst all the pain and chaos you find the one you’ve always been looking for? What happens when things finally start to fall into place but then the love of your life gets taken away from you? When you’re torn between revenge and moving on?

They were an unlikely pair, but Louis had the kerosene that lit the fire in Harry’s heart. Harry was the creator of all things destructive whereas Louis was just merely his muse. Their love is infinite, but what will happen when the cord of forever gets cut?

To Louis, Harry was his protector, his hero. But to the law and anyone he came across he was a monster.
They were the angels of death, and this is their story

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“Good choice.” Louis smiled brightly at Harry.
“We’ll follow them home tonight.” Harry whispered while taking a sip of his drink.

Meanwhile in Quantico, Virginia

Leaning back Zayn sighed, all around him where the case files from Rochester, New York killings. There had been eleven families killed in Rochester as of last year, the murders had stopped until recently, there was another murder, in another town in New York. All eleven families had been killed nearly the same way, the parents, violently beaten, then brutally strangled while the children were handled with care, they’d inject them with barbiturate and then they’d tuck them into bed.

Zayn put his head into his hands, he absolutely hated cases which involved children, but this case, this case really hit home for Zayn. Just then Liam came bursting into the room with a smile that literally put the stars to shame. But when he saw the case files sprawled across his desk, Liam’s smile faded quickly. “Still working on that case, huh?” Liam’s voice was laced with something Zayn didn’t quite pick up. “Of course. And, I’m going to continue to work on it, until it’s solved. You‘ve got no idea what it‘s like when your family has been murdered, and you still after a whole year, haven’t caught the killer. ” Zayn’s voice broke towards the end and he wiped his eyes with his sleeve, and Liam has never wanted to pull Zayn into him as badly as right now. He looked so broken, guilt written all over his face.

Zayn’s family had been visiting Rochester for one of their cousin’s weddings. Zayn would’ve gone too, but he was piled high with reports from old case files, plus, it was his and Liam’s one year anniversary, so he stayed back, only to get a call at 2:30 a.m. that his parents had been practically slaughtered, and his little brother and sister had been tucked into bed, never to be awaken again. Liam quickly walked over towards the oak door preceding the entrance of Zayn’s office that was hung open, beckoning anyone in the BAU team to be able to come in. Liam shut the door, then closed the blinds, he then made his way towards Zayn. Liam knelt on the floor in front of Zayn, wrapping his arms around his waist he kissed his forehead, “It’s not your fault, ya‘know.” Zayn only shook his head, “It is though, had I gone with them that day, they would still be here. It’s my fault they’re dead.” Zayn was now on the verge of tears. “Hey, hey, don’t think like that. It is not by any means your fault. Okay? Look at me.” Liam hated this, he absolutely hated how Zayn blamed himself.

Seeing Zayn teary-eyed like this made Liam’s stomach churn and his nerves spasm out of control. Zayn looked Liam straight in the eyes then, “Zayn, it’s those killers fault, not yours. I’m sure you’re family’s looking down at you right now wanting to hit you because you’re blaming yourself. It’s not your fault.” And for the first time in a while, Zayn laughs, and it’s half-heartedly but it’s still a laugh, and that’s the first time in a really, really long time that Zayn‘s actually laughed. He wraps his arms around Liam’s neck then, and kisses his nose.

It was nearly 11:30 p.m. and Harry and Louis have already followed the family home, and are driving around the neighborhood making sure there isn’t anyone around, it’s relatively quiet except for the barely working engine grumbles.

“Harry?” Louis voice is low, “Yes?” Harry answers eyes staying on the neighborhood, Louis clears his throat and twiddles his thumbs, “D-do, yo-you ever think what we’re, do-doing is, bad?” Harry looks at him then, “Why would you ever think that? You think this is bad?! Remember what they did to us at that orphanage?! Remember the lightening room?” Louis flinched at his words, and the memories started to seep back into his mind; being suffocated in the past. His mind was shrouded in darkness, he could feel what they did to him all over again, Harry continued though, “Do you remember what your parents did?! They put you under water when you got a little out of control, and they kept you under until you were barely conscious! Do you remember?! Remember when your so called Dad violently hit you because you were two minutes late?”

Louis’s hands were on his ears pushing as hard as he possibly could to stop from listening, rocking back and forth, Louis could feel the water rushing over his face, he can clearly hear the cries from his mother in the other room, and his father yelling for her to shut the fuck up before he hurts her. He can see the water blurring his vision. He felt the stinging from his farther beatings. His heart felt clenched in a fist, and there was a sharp pain in his chest. “Th-there gon-gonna hur-hurt me.. They’re gon-gonna d-do it aga-again..”

By this time, Harry’s already pulled over, taking off his seatbelt he undo’s Louis, and pulls him onto his lap. Regret came over Harry, he knew how worked-up Louis would get just at the mention of his parents, and that cursed orphanage. Harry rubbed Louis back soothingly, and Harry wishes he could just meet Louis’s parents, just for one day, to just break their necks for what they’ve done to Louis. He never understood how they could do such unworthily things to such a beautiful and lovely boy.

Harry kissed Louis temple and smoothed out his hair, he was still shaking and moving back and forth, Harry started humming Louis’s favourite lullaby while tightening his arms around Louis, Louis sniffled but calmed down a bit. It was kinda funny though, how Harry could do that. Even now, Louis could never understand how one minute Harry could be this angry, scary, strong monster that you’d want to stay away from, but in the next minute he could be this gentle, caring and sensitive human being that you couldn’t help but love.

Harry’s kissed Louis forehead before saying, “See Louis, These parents they‘re all bad, and they are gonna do what yours and mine did. Don’t you want to stop that from happening to those kids, Louis?” Louis shook his head before resting his head on Harry shoulder.

I really hope you like this! The next chapter will really throw you all off!
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